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Help For Survivors Of Emotional Abuse

Your Stories

Here are some stories of people we have support. We have changed the names of the women to protect their identities. 

“I was really struggling financially and as a single mum I was constantly worrying about it. I was very nervous about getting in touch with Mums In Need but after the initial consultation I felt much more at ease. She was very friendly and understanding and it felt like a massive weight had been lifted off my shoulders. We had 5 further conversations and she helped me to organise a budget that I could stick to and I got my finances under control. Now I have one less major thing to worry about I’m so glad I got in contact!” – Emma Nicolson age 29 from Sheffield


I contacted Mums In Need in summer 2012 as I had received a court summons from the father of my child for contact and parental responsibility. This was ever so sudden as he hadn’t been in contact for 8 years. I wanted and desperately needed a court buddy for emotional and moral support; although at the time I had a solicitor, I really was terrified. The founder took me for a coffee and helped me gather my thoughts together with her lovely and calming nature, welcoming and warm personality and the fact she’s so passionate about helping others in need. She came with me to both court meetings and was an invaluable buddy throughout the whole process! – Rosie, 30


I contacted Mums In Need just weeks after my husband moved out and at a point when I was feeling very misunderstood by a number of people including close friends. It was so good to meet the founder because I felt instantly understood, especially knowing she had been through similar things. I didn’t need to try and explain – she just ‘got it’ instantly. She would always make our meetings informal and relaxed over a coffee and I always felt like she was genuinely interested in me and how things were going. Many of our sessions were done via email as this was the easiest way for me to offload while supporting three children on my own. She has been really enthusiastic in helping me emotionally and practically. I don’t know how I would have done it without her. It has also been lovely meeting up with her for moral support. Her experience has informed mine in various ways such as me persevering in seeking legal aid where I may have given up otherwise. She’s a very open person which makes me feel comfortable to talk about very personal issues with her even though I have only recently met her. Her compassion and commitment to Mums in Need truly shines through – Heather, 33


It has been a pleasure working with Mums In Need. The founder not only cares passionately about what she does, but also has a deep knowledge of her subject. She is a great listener and her friendly and welcoming personality makes you feel instantly at ease. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her to any mums that are facing difficulties whilst separating from the father of their children – Johleen, 36 


It was different in the 1970s. My dad would beat me up and call me a queer at the age of 6, because I wouldn’t watch the 1970 World Cup on TV with him. The fact of the matter was that, I was simply too young to appreciate it. Our childhood was characterised by frequent beatings for mum, my two sisters, my brother and I. My father was derogatory and racially abusive towards my mother, frequently swore at her and called her all the names under the sun. I fled from my home at the age of 16 years and learned to be an adult in the adventurous, lone explorer kind of way. Eventually my mum managed to get rid of my father via a court order. We were all much happier after he left. Ultimately we all survived it. Abuse wasn’t acknowledged back then, even now in this day and age, there seems to be a struggle in understanding the different types of abuse and how it affects people and how this impacts on mothers and their children. I sincerely believe that “Mums In Need” deserves full support from right thinking, decent men to stand up for justice & support women and children who are in need. And do as I do to keep happy and try to overcome the past. I have met the founder, and you instantly take to her as she is such a kind, approachable and a friendly person and is passionate about supporting mums who are suffering from abuse – Mick, 38