Emotional Abuse is still not recognised in the family courts.

Emotional abuse is still not recognised in the family courts. Our survey responses indicate that these mums have very little no or support and are living in fear. These mothers are becoming so ill over this abuse and are in so much distress that that they want to fake their own identities, flee, even end their lives. Why because Mums are being forced to hand over their children for contact even when they know that their children aren’t safe and will and do come to emotional and in some cases physical harm.

Mums In Need have made reference to this recent article to build public awareness to show exactly how Mums are being treated in the courts when they are scared and refuse to hand their children over. Here is what this top judge stated recently in daily mail. The daily mail news article Top judge says mothers should have children taken away if they don’t let fathers see them Children should be handed over to the full time care of the father if the mother persistently defies court orders, Mr Justice Coleridge said. He called for a ‘three strikes’ rule.